From the Mail Bag

June 30, 2005

Dr. Mr. Dedd:

I am eleven years old. I have been reading Dead Guy since last February and I like your cartoon very much. I noticed that Dead Guy has not been in the last three cartoons and wondered where he is. My mom said to write you and ask. Will he ever come back?

Eugene, Oregon.

Dear Bethany:

Thanks so much for your comment.

Many cartoons don't have the main character in them every single time. For instance, Dilbert isn't in every Dilbert cartoon, and Blondie isn't in every Blondie cartoon, right?. Sometimes cartoons are like people! Just because they are different doesn't mean they are bad. Just different.

Don't you worry, Bethany, dear. Dead Guy will be back soon, I promise. And remember, I'm proud to have you as a fan. Kids like you are our future! So please - stay in school and don't use drugs.

Your friend,

Ignatius Dedd

P.S. What does your mom look like?